Been busy and having our holidays

Hello everyone,

Want to apologize to our users for the lack of responses and updates other than emails for the past few months.

We’ve been really busy with our day job. and we’re are finally having our holidays this month in January!!!

So we’re looking forward to focusing hard on the bugs and improvements that our users have been sending in.

We’ll be hoping to be releasing updates soon between the month of February and End March.

So keep your feedbacks coming in through our email address

And once again, thank you everyone for your continuous support!



New App Launched! Pivot Calculator!

Hello everyone,


Finally, we have finished the Pivot Calculator and launched it in the market! Please do support our latest app and keep your feedback coming in!

Only with your support can we continue to improve our app to make it work better for you!

As usual the app is free. Here is the link to the app.

Pivot Calculator Free

But please do support us too if you think our app helped you. Here is a paid version of the app to show us your support.

Pivot Calculator Paid

Sorry for the lack of updates

Hello everyone,

so sorry for the lack of updates recently. I’ve been really busy at work and haven’t had time to work on this.

I’ve also taken on a new project which explains the lack of time.

However, don’t worry. I will still update this app and all of your feedback have been taken into account.

All the bug reports will also be looked thru and fixed! I’ll try to push out an update as soon as possible!

Thanks for your continued support!